‘Terrible!’: Fans Tell Critics to Leave Sandra Bullock Alone as Accusations Heat Up Between ‘Blind Side’ Parties

Alcon Entertainment/Warner Bros.
Alcon Entertainment/Warner Bros.

Fans of award-winning actress Sandra Bullock are telling people to leave her alone as recriminations heat up between the Tuohy family and former NFL player Michael Oher, who became famous for Bullock’s star turn in the 2009 film The Blind Side.

Bullock starred as Leigh Anne Tuohy in the 2009 film, matriarch of the family that took in NFL player Oher when he was a disadvantaged teen ahead of his highly successful college football career.

The film was a smash hit and earned Bullock several industry awards. But with the Tuohys and Oher leveling accusations against each other over unfulfilled promises and financial matters, there is some blowback against Bullock, with many attacking her for white supremacy over the role.

As Breitbart Sports reported on Monday, the former Baltimore Ravens player, filed a lawsuit against the Tuohy family, claiming that they took money that was rightfully his and misled him about adopting him into the family.

Oher claims that instead of adopting him, the Tuohys had him sign his financial rights away with a conservatorship instead of adopting him. Then deprived him of an unknown amount of money from the move, which supposedly earned more than $300 million.

The Tuohys, though, have countered by saying that they were not allowed to adopt him because state laws prevented them from doing so since Oher was already 18. And they also insist that they didn’t earn much money from the movie in the first place.

But some fans on social media are attacking Bullock, claiming that she needs to apologize to fans and Oher alike for how he was treated, Fox News reported.

“I feel like Sandra Bullock need to come make a statement atp like I need an apology,” one X user wrote. Another blasted Bullock for portraying a “white savior.”

MSNBC’s Robyn Autry blasted the film as the worst “white savior movie” of them all.

But others jumped to Bullock’s defense and warned detractors to leave her alone.

“Wait… People are giving Sandra Bullock s–t over the Blindside stuff? That’s real? People are out here believing Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw adopted a kid to cheat him out of his money? I’m pretty close to giving up on people,” reporter Josh Moon wrote.

TV producer Christian Becker added that people should be criticizing the real Tuohy, not Bullock.

“Kinda sucks to use Sandra Bullock’s face for all this horrible stuff and not the ACTUAL lady who did it,” he wrote.

“Can we leave Sandra Bullock alone for a second? She was an actress who accepted a job for a movie that was based on a “true story.” It’s not her fault none of it was true. Oher himself just found out he wasn’t officially adopted this year. Bullock’s partner just died of ALS,” another wrote.

Actor Quinton Aaron, who co-starred with Bullock in the film, also defended his co-star.

“Sandra Bullock didn’t have anything to do with the real story that we’re reading as of right now,” he exclaimed. “She gave a brilliant performance, and that shouldn’t be tarnished for something that had nothing to do with her,” Aaron wrote.

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