China’s Psychological Warfare: American Teens Have Developed ‘TikTok Brain’

There are many concerns about the China-owned app TikTok, such as its effects on mental health and it being a national security risk, but researchers are also interested in how it impacts kids’ brains after they binge-watch the app’s nonstop stream of addicting videos. They have nicknamed the result “TikTok Brain,” and it is impacting the lives of young Americans.

CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 20: The TikTok logo is displayed outside a TikTok office on December 20, 2022 in Culver City, California. Congress is pushing legislation to ban the popular Chinese-owned social media app from most government devices. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

China Mocks Biden’s Inability to Handle Hawaii Fires

Chinese state media this week gleefully mocked President Joe Biden for bungling the response to Hawaii’s wildfires. Editorials pushed the Communist Party narrative that only authoritarian governments can handle disasters of such magnitude, and taunted the U.S. for prioritizing military spending over disaster response.

Burned cars and destroyed buildings are pictured in the aftermath of a wildfire in Lahaina, western Maui, Hawaii on August 11, 2023. A wildfire that left Lahaina in charred ruins has killed at least 55 people, authorities said on August 10, making it one of the deadliest disasters in the …

Comrade Elon: Musk’s Tesla Slashes Prices in China Despite Promising to Uphold ‘Core Socialist Values’

In a desperate attempt to stay competitive in the Chinese market, Elon Musk’s Tesla has announced a price cut of 14,000 yuan ($1,900) for its two higher-end Model Y vehicles. The price reduction is seen as the latest move in an ongoing price war that has been affecting the electric vehicle (EV) industry in China. Tesla previously promised to uphold the “core socialist values” of communist China in an attempt to cool down the price war with local competitors.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk (C) poses for photos with buyers during the Tesla China-made Model 3 Delivery Ceremony in Shanghai. - Tesla CEO Elon Musk presented the first batch of made-in-China cars to ordinary buyers on January 7, 2020 in a milestone for the company's new Shanghai "giga-factory", but which …