Barr: Lawyers Told Trump Post-Election Actions Legally Perilous, No One ‘Should Be Surprised’

Former Attorney General Bill Barr said Thursday on FNC’s “Your World” that former President Donald Trump was warned by his lawyers his actions would lead to legal troubles.

Barr said, “I resigned on December 14 because I thought that at that point, the state votes were certified, and that was the end of the legal process.”

He added, “And I also didn’t like the way he was spouting the Big Lie. I thought that was irresponsible. But he took it much further than even I expected, or anyone expected. And during this time, he was being told by lawyers in the White House that if he kept on doing this, he would spend the rest of his life tangling with the criminal justice process. And that’s exactly what’s happened. He shouldn’t be surprised, and no one else should be surprised.”

Anchor Neil Cavuto said, “Well, the fact he didn’t drop things could lead to some to believe, and his people who defend him say, that he genuinely did feel that he was robbed and this was the good fight and the proper fight.”

Barr said, “Well, even if he did — and I’m dubious about that — but even if he did, that doesn’t mean you can use illegal meaning to rectify it. If you think the bank is unfairly keeping your money, there are many things you can do to get it back; You can’t go and rob the bank.”

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