Cartel Gunmen Forced Kidnapped Teens to Beat, Stab, Kill Friends in Mexico

Cartel Holds Teens Hostage
Jalisco Attorney General's Office

A group of cartel gunmen kidnapped five teenagers in the state of Jalisco and forced at least one to beat, stab, and kill one of his friends for sport. The gruesome crime comes when Jalisco has been rocked with mass kidnappings and terrorist attacks, including using explosives, at the hands of drug cartels.

The case began last week when relatives reported that five teenagers had gone missing after meeting up in an area that overlooks the city known as El Mirador in the city of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco’s Attorney General Luis Joaquin Mendez Ruiz said in a streamed news conference.

The following day authorities found a car belonging to one of the victims, zip ties, and blood in the area where the teens had gathered.

Authorities have also found a second vehicle belonging to one victim. The vehicle had been set on fire, and when firefighters put out the flames, they found human remains that were believed to belong to one of the victims.

Since then, cartel gunmen leaked a photograph on social media that showed five young men who had been tied up and tortured.

Gunmen also leaked a video that showed one of the teens being forced to beat one of his friends with a rock, then stab him and slash his throat.

According to Mendez Ruiz, agents showed the leaked video and photographs to the families who claimed they believed their loved ones were the ones depicted.

Journalists tried to ask Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador about the case. However, the politician made light of the case by ignoring the questions and telling a joke before walking away.

“I can’t hear,” Lopez Obrador said in a mocking fashion.

The gruesome crime in Jalisco comes when the state has been rocked by numerous acts of cartel violence, with state officials classifying some as terrorist attacks. As Breitbart Texas reported, cartel gunmen used several explosive devices in July to kill six police officers and injure 12 others in Tlajomulco, Jalisco. In the aftermath of the attack, Jalisco’s Governor Enrique Alfaro publicly claimed it was a terrorist attack.

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